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The Amur or Siberian tiger is the largest sub-species of tiger and is primarily found in south-eastern Russia and northern China. In the 1960s it was close to extinction but its numbers recovered and are around 450 today. Poaching and habitat destruction once again push this tiger close to the edge. More information can be found here.


(via “The long road ahead.” by Peter Ellen)
Orangutan (meaning person of the forest) are endemic to the islands of Borneo & Sumartra in Indonesia. The orangutan as a viable specie is extremely under threat mainly from destruction of their forest home to allow the growth of non-sustanible palm oil plantations. Orangutans being one of the smartest primates behind the human, we share the same emotions. Orangutans laugh, cry, feel saddness and joy. Having the longest birth interval of all mammals, a female orangutan is only capable of producing three or four living offspring in her lifetime of 50 years.This photo was taken on the island of Borneo, orangutans are the innocent victims from forest clearing for Palm Oil plantations.
This is Marsha, who’s mother had been killed and is now being rehabilitated for release into a save forest. If you would like more information and would like to help these remarkable beings visit www.orangutan.org.au

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A young chimpanzee tries to crack a nut. (Chimpanzee - Disneynature)